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I think I had my heart set on seeing some Aliens this past June. Stinky memes… However there was an E Coli outbreak. I wonder how that came about. Lolz. Local stores are giving away free masks in select neighborhoods… Continue Reading →

And sometimes… I laugh hysterically when they finally figure out what I’ve always known. “Ha, ha ha!” ~ VillainElle

I swear it seems like the times are just rolling on by right now, can I return this year for a refund? Or is it out of warranty… Our compound broken system is just chugging along, every now and then… Continue Reading →

🎶 I can’t live without my 🎶 Radio!

I’ve got a whole ass imaginary friend. Her name is Scheneka. Say hi!

We’re in between a pit of fear and a summit of knowledge! OMGosh Y’all We’re in the twilight zone.

I like all the memes out there that say the next thing to happen this year is that we get aliens. I think the aliens are already here… Stirring dissent. Haaa… It’s amazing how we repeat history so much. Nothing… Continue Reading →

It’s time for a new avatar…. This one is pretty darn old.

The 155th anniversary of being African in America and free-ish (formally from slavery)! Praise my Ancestors for all their hard work and strife so that I can have choice and opportunity. Learn more about Juneteenth. We are not all free… Continue Reading →

Such a great day, go enjoy it because you can…


I ❤️ John Oliver right now.

People don’t usually understand a movement until they take the time to see what it’s actually about. It’s easy to fall into old habits and critique based on the very prejudices that need addressing. Change is never easy but it… Continue Reading →

Awe, I’m so sahyahdah…


🎶 Nothing even matters too me. 🎶

In this age, the only way to disappear is to appear.

All day I could eat avocados 🥑 with a sprinkling of adobo!

Starting to warm up even more. I love it when nature is at full bloom. I need a proper pergola with grape and strawberry fines! I could read under there all summer long. Speaking of reading… It’s time to get… Continue Reading →

And here comes the Murder Hornets… Yay 😑


Totally did… I wanted to sit in the trees shooting y’all in the eye. Damn, maybe next time.

Not gonna see another episode of #Westworld till my hair has 150 years of dust in it.

I don’t go, but I can see it… Haaaaan

So there’s a new FB reaction… But it’s not the one I want! 👎

Am I the only one who sees white bars on most of the posts here? I think FB done broke my app… Again

That’s soooo funny!



Lolz, it’s relative… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“If you can’t tell the difference, does it really matter?” ~ Dolores Abernathy (Prime lolz)

Do a lot of people tell you that you need therapy?

“Shake it, wiggly your butt! Drop your pants and pick em back up.”




The cutest thing! #blackgirlmagic


Lost an awful lot of facebook posts from the beginning of this year. I don’t say much of nothing anyway so I suppose that’s alright for now. I need to move from this hosting service anyways.

Panicked people make things so much worse than they need to be. Social media doesn’t make that any better. It’s crazy to watch people devolve into nonsense and fear instead of using their rational minds about things. (Why they’re called… Continue Reading →

I think none of my facebook posts have been collecting here for a while. I need to go see why that’s happening.

It’s crazy when people receive your help and they need it but then act like you’ve done everything horribly wrong… It makes you want to take your help and go. I mean, you’ve been helped, I’ve done a good thing… Continue Reading →

Have you ever met a person who hasn’t clean up their room in 13 years!? It’s a real project… 😞

“If you fight for your limitations you get to keep them.” Jim Kwik

Because yes!

I’m gonna need everyone to empty their voicemail boxes….

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