Home Chef Thoughts

I’m in the middle of trying a few subscription meal services and seeing which is better for when I’d like to just be lazy, order my food and cook (lazy and cook?). I love that they are real food (not processed to hell) and great recipes that show me how to do things in different …


Blue Apron Thoughts

YaY! My first delivery from Blue Apron came. I meant to take some pictures of the unboxing but I was uber excited the thought escaped me. I didn’t think about it until after I put everything away and took the box and it’s inserts out to the trash. Oops… I don’t suppose anyone wanted to …


Doing Planks

Well, I got up this morning thinking that I was just one tired chick… Then I thought, well let me just put in a walk… I came back thinking I might as well do some aerobics. I found this awesome video on my youtube playlist. I like those videos with the people in their spandex.

Streak Into Summer

I got a notification the other day about a new Spark Peoples Challenge called Streak Into Summer. The first challenge is easy enough. I should incorporate at least one veggie into every meal and do wall sits for at least 3 minutes.

Butt Blasting Cardio Step

Today I was feeling like some step aerobics. I love doing these kinds of workouts and I like this one by her. It’s very easy to follow and low intensity for those days when I don’t really feel like doing anything.

New Body Makeover

I feel like core training today! I know I need a lot of this since my core isn’t that strong. =( I’d better get more of her workouts in. =) I always feel so energized when I work out with her.

6 Week 6 Pack Abs

I like Jillian Michaels and what she stands for, health and fitness wise. I’ve read her book and I like her approach to changing your life. Looking for a workout for today I happened across her on BeFit’s chanel. I see that there are a lot of her videos here. I will be adding her …


Challenge Accepted!

So, someone challenged me to a 100 days of daily workouts. I think I can do it! Mostly because I still have some poundage to lose and I have been slacking and I recently decided that I would get it together. So this challenge comes right on time. I have in mind already dancing. I’ve …


Deep Stretching

My back has been feeling pretty tight lately. I needed some relaxing yoga to stretch it all out. Now I’ve had a hot shower and am feeling quite peaceful. =)

Hair Balls

I decided to give myself a little trim today to take some damage off my ends. Not much damage to report! My hair is pretty healthy, sans the color treated hair which is calculated damage I’ve chosen to live with. (=

Advanced Step

This guy is pretty darn awesome. I like the steps. I’m probably gonna feel this in the morning. I felt like taking a run and when I got in decided to hit youtube for something else. Energetic tonight. =)

Some Zumba!

Today I feel like dancing. I decided that I’d just search some random Zumba class over 30 minutes. It’s a nice dance but there aren’t many instructions but you just kinda fall into the flow as with most aerobic classes I guess…

Cardio Kickboxing

I was thinking of doing some cardio today and kickboxing popped into my thoughts. So, I went to youtube and did a search and found this awesome tidbit. Good music and great instructor. I’m adding this to my cardio playlist. =)

30 Minute Dance

I’m in the mode of getting back on track with daily exercising. I already am a healthy eater, so that’s not a problem. One might say that I take a paleo/primal approach to eating with the least amounts of processed food as possible. My body thanks me for that life style decision… Now, I just …


Lemonade Apples?

I was wondering if #lemonade #apples taste like lemonade… Maybe I’ll go look up where they got their names while I taste it and see. Lolz! #fruit #yummyinmytummy #love =)

Better Do You!

Isn’t that the #truth. Better get up and do you! Cause you can be mad at results you didn’t get because you did work for it… #real #noexcuses #motivation #selfworth #love #repost #weightloss #journey #fitness #health #twogurl #quote

Love My Friends

More #truth for today. I love my #friends they keep each other focused on our #goals. No lies, no manipulation and no excuses.

#real #noexcuses #motivation #selfworth #wellbeing #love #repost #weightloss #journey #thankful #fitness #health #twogurl #quote

Going Primal

I’m doing so well already and I pretty much eat along the #paleo lines. I think that’s the main reason for my initial weight loss. I’m gonna take it all the way and see if I can eliminate ALL processed and refined foods and go grain free for #21days starting Sunday. I’ve already cleaned up and done my food prep, which wasn’t much, and put aside a budget for some fresh fruits and veggies every few days. This is gonna be nice since I love cooking and building flavors from scratch. I think I’m ready.